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Little Ziza & The Golden Timepiece

Little Ziza & the Golden Timepiece | Picture Book | 32 pages  

A children's picture book that tells the story of a young girl who has a passion for football. After facing a few obstacles to her dream she gets help from the most unlikely place.


Asisat Oshoala + Lanre Aina

The story of Little Ziza represents my life in a lot of ways. Apart from her name being a play on my nickname, "Zee", you'll discover that she, too, is unassuming, strong-willed, loving, and graceful. She wants to be heard. She wants to inspire others. She wants to live a meaningful life. To go where there's no path and leave a trail for others to follow. To be remembered as someone who never gave up on her dreams despite the obstacles and challenges. To become a symbol of strength, humility and optimism. I hope this project encourages more girls to play sports, find their voices and discover the amazing talent hidden on the inside. Like Ziza's story, I hope it reminds them that no one has permission to tell them that they cannot do what they've set out to achieve.

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