About Us

ATHLST Inc. is an early-stage venture-backed digital sports news and content studio. We work closely with African athletes to transform their personal stories into immersive and impactful content that resonates with sports fans worldwide.  We do so using a broad spectrum of content formats available to us today. These include editorials, books, confessionals, podcasts, Op-eds/explainers, documentaries, and biopics.

We are proud of our African heritage, and our mission is to showcase the best of Africa through sports and inspire a new generation of fans through dynamic storytelling.

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The Team

The People of ATHLST

Lanre Aina


Ladi Aina


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Inyang Edoho

Digital Content Producer

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Adebusola Oyerinde

Digital Content Manager

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Courage Ofem

Executive Assistant

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Peter Owoede

Social Media Analyst